More about getting dentures

There are many reasons for tooth loss, from dental disease, to age, accidents and even pregnancy!

Dentures offer an effective way of replacing those missing teeth. At Cuffley Village Dental we'll consult you on the best option for replacing your missing teeth. This may require getting dentures. 

What are dentures?

A denture is any replacement for a missing tooth or teeth and surrounding tissue. Depending on the extent of teeth that have been lost, a denture can be either partial or full. Dentures are sometimes also called “false teeth”. 

Why should I get dentures?

Losing teeth can have serious implications for people’s quality of life. Having missing teeth can be embarrassing and awkward in social settings. With quality dentures no one will be able to tell you have missing teeth. In fact, your teeth may look better than ever before! Because our teeth are an essential part of eating, we need a fully functioning set of teeth to properly chew (or masticate) our food. We also use our teeth to form sounds when we speak. Getting dentures to replace missing teeth will also help with pronunciation. 

What is the difference between a partial denture and a denture?

A partial denture is used to replace missing sets of teeth when a person still has healthy teeth in tact. A full denture (usually just called a denture) is a full set of teeth, made for those who are missing all of their teeth.

Can I still eat normally with dentures?  

Getting dentures, particularly a full set, will take some getting used to. However, once the initial adjustment period is over, you'll find that you can lead a pretty normal life with them. 

Be patient when eating. Start with softer food. Try cutting up your food into small pieces, especially in the beginning, and avoid biting with your front teeth at first. Instead, push the food back into your mouth, using your molars to chew. It's a good idea to "practice" eating certain foods at home first before going out for meals. 

Will dentures affect my speech?

For most of our patients, getting dentures actually improves their speech. This is because missing teeth makes it difficult to pronounce certain words and can hamper communication. If you find your dentures are clicking or preventing you from speaking properly, we suggest visiting your dentist to see whether ill-fitting dentures are to blame. 

How will you make my dentures?

To ensure we make the best possible dentures for you, you will need to pay Cuffley Village Dental Practice several visits. 

At the first visit we will usually take an impression of your gum tissues and ridges. This isn't a painful process. But when you come for your first visit, ensure your mouth is healthy, as sores or swollen tissues may cause the impression to be inaccurate.

We'll then look at the relationship between your upper and lower jaw, in other words your bite. At your third visit we'll try out your selected front teeth. We pick these teeth with you and try them out to test their alignment and appearance, to ensure your new smile looks as natural as possible. 

When you return for your fifth visit we'll try a set of wax dentures, with all your teeth set into wax to give you a chance to "wear" them before we set them in acrylic. This gives you a good opportunity to make sure everything is as you want. It's a good idea to bring along a friend or relative at this point to give you a second opinion on your new set of teeth. 

At your final appointment we'll present you with a set of new, finished dentures. We'll give you plenty of advice on how to fit and maintain them as well as cleaning them. It's important to come back if anything doesn't feel right so we can make the necessary adjustments.

Are dentures uncomfortable? 

If you haven't had dentures before, you may have a vague recollection on the dentures your grandparents wore. Modern dentures are nothing like this. The dentures we make are comfortable and natural looking and when made properly, will greatly improve your quality of life.