Cuffley Village Dental Tip!

If your toothbrush looks like this? Change it every three months. Have a nice day!

8 simple steps to keeping your teeth clean and healthy

1 – When?

Brush your teeth first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  You should use a fluoride toothpaste and brush for about two minutes.


Treat Your Teeth Like a VIP: Celebrities Who Wear Invisalign

If you are thinking of improving your teeth with Invisalign, you are probably wondering how it is going to affect your image. Fear not – even celebrities wear braces these days! Because the benefits one gets out of Invisalign are numerous, many actors, musicians and even royalty use it too. Here are just some of the example of the secret behind radiant smiles we see on TV today.

Oral Health [Infographic]

I stumbled across this [Infographic] created by the team over at Greatest. The [Infographic] was made in America but resonates very well with the UK dental patient. I have always enjoyed a good [Infographic]. My mind seems to comprehend the "Info" much easier. Anyway, the choices are few in the exciting world of dentistry, so maybe we'll design our own in the future. A personal Cuffley Village Dental [Infographic] sounds thrilling. Check it out! 

FAQ Friday!

FAQ Friday!


Plaque is a soft, sticky substance that builds up on your teeth It is mostly made up of bacteria.

The bacteria in plaque feed on sugar from food and drink. producing acids as a waste product. The acids attack the teeth by dissolving the minerals in the tooth surface If this happens too often, tooth decay results.