A few thoughts on being a dentist in Cuffley: Why you should go to your local dentist

In a world where we’re increasingly turning online for products and looking to large, branded companies to provide services, it’s easy to start thinking that size and popularity are a reliable indicator of quality. But this isn’t always the case. When it comes to personal services, like dentistry, we’d like to think that going small is the better option.

Cuffley, by its very definition, is a village. With a population of just over 4000, most of its residents turn to our larger neighbours, like Enfield or even London, when they need something particular or specialised. Which is why we’re happy to report that despite this, many of the patients who come to our dental patients are local Cuffley residents. In fact, some even come to see us from further afield!

It’s lead us to conclude that whilst there are certainly cases in which going bigger is better, when it comes to your teeth it makes sense to find a good local dentist who will get to know you.

1. Going local will help you develop a relationship with your dentist

Let’s face it, no one really likes going to the dentist. Having someone dig around in your mouth is hardly ever a great experience, especially when you’re feeling unwell. And when it’s a complete stranger, in a new environment, it can be a little unsettling too.

We love to see returning clients come through the doors of our little Cuffley-based dental practice and have developed a reputation for friendly, warm service. So since going to the dentist is something you can’t really avoid, why not start developing a relationship with your local dentist and dental staff? It will make your dentist visits just a bit less unpleasant.

2. You won’t have to travel after more complicated procedures

For more complicated dental procedures you want to be as close to home as possible. Even basic dental procedures often require local anaesthetic and whilst you usually won’t have any serious reactions to it, you probably won’t feel like driving or getting on public transport for an hour with a numb cheek.

It is especially important for your dentist to be nice and close to home when you need a more complicated procedure like having dentures made or getting a dental bridge. Because these procedures usually require a series of visits, it will save you a lot of time, effort and stress to find a reliable local dentist that is within easy reach.  

3. You’ll have an emergency dentist on hand

A significant advantage of having a reliable local dentist is that you’ll know who to turn to when you need an emergency dentist. A broken tooth can be a deeply unpleasant and painful experience. Having to find and then go to an unfamiliar dentist when you are in an extremely vulnerable position can make that experience far worse than it needs to be. Having your trusty local dentist’s afterhours details on hand will serve you well when you least expect it.

So if you’re still travelling miles to go for your annual dental checkup, it might be time to consider looking for someone a bit more local. And if you happen to live in the village of Cuffley, then why not pop around to Cuffley Village Dental Practice for a chat?


Keep smiling,

The Cuffley Village Dental Team