about dental veneers

What is a Veneer?

Lots of people are confused and asking questions about veneers. We will answer any questions you may have: veneer costs, veneer procedures, who can have a veneer? 

A veneer is a wafer thin porcelain layer that is applied on the front of the tooth to make it appear more attractive. I compare the concept of  veneers to that of an artificial nail. Completely different materials but the same sort of idea.  

Placing a veneer is much less invasive than fitting a crown or bridge and nothing like having an implant done. Usually a patient can expect two visits with the Dentist: 

Stage 1: some enamel will be removed and an impression taken. You may or may not need a temporary veneer until the lab makes you a permanent veneer in approximately 7-10 days. 

Stage 2: trying the veneer in place, checking the colour, fit and bite. If no issues arise then the veneer will be fitted. 

Veneer costs are out weighed by the benefits of appearance and the protection from anymore damage. A beautiful smile is not just for the rich and famous and does not have to be out of your financial reach. The team at Village Dental Practice have years of experience and are able to offer a full range of treatment and payment options that will give you a beautiful smile to be proud of.

The animation above will help you picture the process. If you have any other questions please Contact us. For the cost of a veneer check our Prices page 

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