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FAQ Friday!

FAQ Friday!


Plaque is a soft, sticky substance that builds up on your teeth It is mostly made up of bacteria.

The bacteria in plaque feed on sugar from food and drink. producing acids as a waste product. The acids attack the teeth by dissolving the minerals in the tooth surface If this happens too often, tooth decay results.

NHS vs Private Dentistry

As we stated in our question, we are a very proud Private Dental Practice.

I understand asking this type of question stirs up strong feelings especially for the NHS, but we like to hear from both sides. 

One of the most common responses I hear is that it doesn't really matter because most Dentists are both Private and NHS. It does matter to us. I look at this as causing some of the confusion an NHS patient may experience and lead to the idea that private dentistry is out to take all your money. If you go to an NHS dentist to get treatment and your laying in the chair and the dentist offers you a private treatment material or private treatment. It is legal but totally up-selling you.

While visiting a private Dentist you are guaranteed the great material and treatment but also the entire experience should be satisfying. If you are not happy with any step in the process under private care you can have it rectified immediately. Everything will be held accountable in Private Practice or your patients wont feel like they are getting value. The Patient is always right, customer service is paramount. 

My point is that Private Dentistry is about the entire patient journey. We can't possibly be ripping people off or pushing sales while you are in the chair, we wouldn't be in business very long. Our main stream of new patients comes from referrals, recommendations from patients that feel they got what they paid for and a little more. I completely agree there is a place for the NHS but if I was going on a 4-5 star holiday, I wouldn't look to see if there were any 2-3 star resorts that had a 5 star bed!!!